Absolutely. In fact, as there are very limited places on The Challenge, places will go to the applicants who persuade the most other people to apply (and get their parent/guardian to put down the deposit!).   Don’t forget though that – to take part – they have to be in Year 11 and live or go to school in either Hammersmith and Fulham or Southwark.

All the best things have to start somewhere, including ‘The Challenge’.  Why not Hammersmith and Southwark?!  But we will be growing.  Next year, we plan to be in more places.

It depends where you live.  But we definitely plan to lay down the challenge in more areas next summer.  Watch this space.

The Challenge is about proving yourself, not how much you can afford to pay.  That meant we wanted to make The Challenge something everyone could afford.

Absolutely. listen to what some of the UK’s largest employers and universities had to say about The Challenge:

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