The organisation: The Challenge is a new active-learning programme which challenges and empowers teenagers from diverse backgrounds to develop skills and confidence, connect across boundaries and deliver a project that will change their local communities.  The Challenge achieves this through an intensive 3-week summer programme including the personal challenge, team challenge and real challenge – with continued follow-up after the summer.  We are looking for individuals who are passionate about both young people and film.

In the summer, teams of twelve participants will face three challenges – with the support of two mentors and one senior mentor throughout:

  • Week 1: Personal Challenge – Teams face a remote outdoor challenge to push themselves, build self-belief and gain teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Week 2: Team Challenge – Teams have five days to design and deliver a performance and training workshops for members of the local community.  The film team will have to produce and present a film about their community.
  • Week 3: Real Challenge – Explore the needs of the local community through a series of visits to local charities, schools, police and businesses.  This is a field investigation to choose a team project for the following 3-5 months.

Teams will plan and deliver their local projects over the following 3-4 months, and most Senior Mentors continue to work with them through this period. After project completion, Senior Mentor involvement will focus on connecting participants with further Challenge learning and networking events as well as introducing them to local organisations through which they can continue their civic engagement.

The role: The Challenge is looking for Team Mentors to lead, inspire and develop a team of participants through the second and third weeks of the summer programme. The requirement for this element is 2 weeks of full time work. During the Team Challenge mentors will help the film team to produce and present a film about the community.  By the fifth day of the Team Challenge, the film team will need to have completed the film, and they will screen it at a community gala.

A special programme for local employee mentors requires only one full-time week.

There will also be opportunities for Mentors to continue working with teams on a part time (on average 2 hours/week) basis throughout their projects over the next 3-4 months and through less frequent events for the remainder of the year.

All mentors will receive 3 days of training including facilitation skills and managing difficult behaviour.

The responsibilities: The Team Mentor will:

  • Guide the film team in producing a film for screening to members of the local community
  • Attend a weekend of leadership training on 6th and 7th June.
  • Provide facilitative leadership and pastoral care to a team of twelve participants, ensuring their safety and assisting their well-being
  • Live with and guide participants in an off-site residential in the  second week of the programme

The requirements: Candidates must demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:

  • A belief in the potential of young people
  • The ability to listen to others and help them reflect on their own thoughts and feelings
  • The energy and enthusiasm to serve as a role model for spirited and diverse young people
  • An interest in empowering others to learn and grow
  • A willingness to take responsibility for delivering a challenging and safe experience for participants
  • The ability to thrive in a fluid and demanding environment
  • Passion for and experience of film
  • Further details: This role is based in London, with two waves of the programme (4 – 17 July and 15 -28 August) in Southwark and one (25July – 7 August) in Hammersmith. Mentors may sign up for one or more waves.

    This is a volunteer position, offering free training, leadership experience valued by future employers, direct impact on the development of young people in the UK and long-term impact in urban communities.

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    I undertake to provide, in writing, details of any criminal conviction for offences involving children and/or young people and any unspent criminal convictions for any offence involving assault against the person, dishonesty or deception. I consent to a Criminal Record Check.





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  •  Belief in young people’s potential
  • A knack for empowering others rather than doing things for them
  • Willingness to challenge themselves and others
  • A drive to fix things rather than complain
  • Deep sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of young people
  • Ability to laugh at themselves

  • 1-3 weeks of full-time commitment during the Summer (depending on role)
  • Commitment to support (2 hours per week) Challenge teams in their community projects until New Year
  • 3-5 days of tailored leadership training
  • A chance to transform young people’s lives and communities
  • A developmental experience you’ll never forget