Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Intergration policy is not … immigration policy

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We believe integration policy really matters. People aged under 55 living in the UK trust their neighbours less than in any other European country.  How we rebuild this trust and the connections between people is critically important. Important for our economy and our society.

Unfortunately, integration policy is not always well understood. This week we are using the blog to challenge some of the main misconceptions.

Misconception 1: Integration policy is really about immigration policy.

For many, the answer to our integration challenge is solved by immigration policy.  If only we could close the borders, the problem will go away. Even for those who support reduced immigration, this is a dead-end as the core of an integration policy.  Reducing immigration will not make this country homogenous. With a third of under-fives non-white, we are a multi-racial country.  We need an integration policy that accepts this and brings us together, not wishes it away.


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