Thursday, 20 June 2013

Integration policy is not … race relations policy

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We believe integration policy really matters. People aged under 55 living in the UK trust their neighbours less than in any other European country.  How we rebuild this trust and the connections between people is critically important. Important for our economy and our society.

Unfortunately, integration policy is not always well understood. This week we are using the blog to challenge some of the main misconceptions.

Misconception 3: Integration policy is really about race relations policy.
For many, integration is solely about building better race relations. This ignores that the disconnections in our society are as much about generational and income divisions as ethnic ones. We need an approach that also addresses an education system that divides rich and poor through the most segregated schools in the rich world, a social care system that isolates many of our elderly at home where 50% of them now declare that the TV is their main companion and a housing allocation system that separates the rich and the poor in different enclaves.  A true integration policy needs to be about these things as well.


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