Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Three big trends

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My eldest daughter is three years old. I like to think I know most of what is going on in her life. But whenever her grandmother comes to stay I notice things I hadn’t spotted; “she’s so much bigger”, “she can have a real conversation”, “her balance is better”.

While I notice the everyday changes, it is her grandmother – who sees her every couple of months – who sees the big trends. Big trends that I tend not to spot.

This week on the blog, we’re exploring three big trends in the UK. Three trends that will each make a significant difference to our society. Three trends that make it even more important to invest in bringing people together.

Trend One: An older and younger population

The fastest growing parts of our population are the older generation and the under 5s. The fact we are living longer is great news. But combined with a rising birth rate, it means that more and more people are further and further apart in age. 

In fact, by 2050, half of the population will be either children or pensioners. At present, few young people have interactions with older citizens – outside of their grandparents. And many of our older citizens find teenagers intimidating. 

This lack of interaction will matter increasingly when half of all of us are either children or pensioners. This big trend will mean that – to keep the country united – we will need to find more creative ways to connect people across generations. 


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