Monday, 02 January 2012

A message from Craig Morley, Chief Executive

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We have now surveyed a majority of stakeholders from the 2011 Challenge programme, including parents, teachers and community partners.  The responses are very encouraging and include the following results:

97% of parents believe The Challenge programme is a good use of taxpayers money

Parents scored an average 9.3/10 on a scale of 0-10 in response to the question, “Would you recommend The Challenge?”
91% of teachers said their pupils had benefited significantly/greatly from The Challenge
Professional partners scored an average 8.0/10 in response to the question “How well did this visit/event help you deliver on your organization’s mission?”

We are delighted with the results and it is an important platform to build upon.

2012 is also an exciting year to be offering The Challenge programme to 10,000 young people across London, the Midlands, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Historic events taking place will unite people from all backgrounds and encourage a sense of community throughout the nation. We look forward to partnering with even more young people, community and business partners as we too further our mission of inspiring and connecting people to strengthen their communities.

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