14 August 2013
Earlier this year, research body Migration Observatory predicted that the UK will become the most ethnically diverse western …
30 July 2013
This morning I walked over Millennium bridge on my way to work.  On the middle of the bridge, a guy was handing out some flyers …
15 July 2013
Last week, Katie Hopkins stirred up much hatred across the country for admitting she wouldn’t like her children to play with kids …
12 July 2013
This summer over 14,000 young people will take part in NCS powered by The Challenge. For 15-17 year olds across the country, NCS …
05 July 2013
From 20th century Cold War espionage to last month’s PRISM story, spying has remained a well-established practice within our …
03 July 2013
This is a story of a game for two people. The game is called the Ultimatum game. It works like this.The first person is the …
28 June 2013
My eldest daughter is three years old. I like to think I know most of what is going on in her life. But whenever her grandmother …
27 June 2013
My eldest daughter is three years old. I like to think I know most of what is going on in her life. But whenever her grandmother …
26 June 2013
My eldest daughter is three years old. I like to think I know most of what is going on in her life. But whenever her grandmother …
21 June 2013
We believe integration policy really matters. People aged under 55 living in the UK trust their neighbours less than in any other …
Thursday, 03 October 2013

Social Action September

Young people spent their September weekends volunteering and carrying out community campaigns as part of National Citizen Service. Over 4,000 social action projects have been carried out in partnership with over 2,000 community organisations across London, Surrey, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. 

Social action projects are a great way for young people to meet and build relationships with people from different backgrounds. They also enable young people to take positive action on a local issue that they feel passionate about.

The Challenge Network has been awarded £120,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to carry out a 3 year project with young people from East London. The money will enable young people to become active citizens within their local communities as part of a personal development programme which will support them in delivering social action projects that make a real difference to local people. 

A group of young people recently had the opportunity to visit the House of Lords to share their National Citizen Service experience with Shadow Leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Royall. The event was organised as a way for the young people to feed into the Labour Party’s policy review on young people and civic engagement, being headed up by Baroness Royall.

The Challenge Network has scooped two awards at the annual Celebrating Youth Excellence awards ceremony in Birmingham. The event was organised by Youth 4 Excellence as a way to showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements of local young people committed to making a real difference in their community.

Mail Online, 11/09/13

  • A survey found that many believe private and state school structure is causing division
  • Many also felt that private school education gives wealthier pupils unfair advantage
  • Private headmaster Anthony Seldon said that too many schools are split along class lines

The education system is segregating rich and poor children and stopping them from mixing, a new survey has claimed.

The Telegraph, 11/09/13

The education system is fuelling a “social apartheid” in which pupils from relatively wealthy backgrounds fail to mix with their poorer peers, a leading headmaster has warned.

Anthony Seldon, the Master of Wellington College, Berkshire, said that too many schools were split along class lines in a move that did “nothing to diminish segregation in our society”.

The Guardian, 09/08/13

When I attend gatherings hosted by many of my white friends, I am often the only black person in the room. Sometimes, despite being in an ethnically diverse postcode, I am the only black person in the pub. If this is the case where I live, in London, “the melting pot of the world”, what then of society at large?

Daily express, 09/08/13

Most people mix mainly those from their own ethnic background, says the charity Challenge Network.

The study supports previous warnings of US-style ghettos springing up in the UK.

The Telegraph, 08/08/13

Charities warned that people from different backgrounds are increasingly living “parallel lives” rarely forging close friendships outside of their own groups.

It comes after a poll found that people are less likely to have a “best friend” from another different ethnic background than not to have one at all.

Class also remains a major factor in determining whom people socialise with, according to the research commissioned by The Challenge Network, a charity which runs the National Citizen Service.

The Independent, 07/08/13

Just one in 10 Britons has a best friend from a different ethnic background, according to research which reveals that racial segregation is still a major issue in the UK.

The polling for The Challenge Network, which aims to encourage integration through youth and community groups, found that Britons are in fact 8 per cent more likely to have no best friend at all than one of a different ethnicity.

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