Social Integration Commission

Throughout 2014 and early 2015, The Challenge provided the secretariat to The Social Integration Commission.

This Commission, which was chaired by RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor, sought to explore some fundamental questions about how people from different ethnic, age and income groups relate to one another in modern Britain. It also made a series of practical recommendations as to what government, businesses, civil society organisations and individuals could do to create a more integrated and socially cohesive society.

The Commission’s programme of work – which included survey research conducted in partnership with IPSOS Mori and extensive consultation with experts in a range of policy areas – resulted in the publication of three reports. These explore the extent of social segregation in the UK, why social integration matters from both a social and an economic standpoint and what could be done to increase levels of integration. You can download these reports below and read more about the Commission’s work here.


Report 1: How integrated is modern Britain? 

Report 2: Social integration: A wake-up call

Report 3: Kingdom United? – Thirteen steps to tackle social segregation

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