Thursday, 27 September 2012

Social Action September (supported by BIG Lottery Fund)

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This month young people have been working on a number of social action projects. This part of The Challenge programme is called Real Challenge Action (RCA) as young people implement, within their local community, projects they planned during the summer.

There have been a total of c2,500 social action projects, delivered in partnership with over 1,500 community organisations. Projects range from community campaigns that connect local residents to an issue or problem, to volunteering on a number of local projects.

We have received great feedback from community partners such as Simona Florio, Coordinator at Healthy Living Club (an organisation that promotes the wellbeing of elderly residents at Lingham Court residential home). A team from South London volunteered at a social event organised by Healthy Living Club in association with Brixton People’s Kitchen. Simona stated “Some of the elderly people who live at Lingham Court kept asking me when we’ll have another event, saying how nice it was to have young people around. Some of the people with dementia even remembered the day!”

Social action projects are a great way for young people to build and maintain relationships with people they wouldn’t usually come into contact with. We are grateful to BIG Lottery Fund for their sponsorship of Real Challenge Action weekends.

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