Thursday, 27 September 2012

Three Peaks Challenge

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Money raised will be donated to The Challenge Society to enable graduates and their friends to stay involved in social action projects similar to those highlighted in this newsletter.

This is the first of many fundraising events staff will organise to raise funds for The Challenge Society.Huge congratulations to The Challenge Network team who raised £2,500 for The Challenge Society by completing the Three Peaks Challenge! The team (comprised of Sophie Ault, Mike Crowther, Dave Gore, Ed Laschet, Rick Miles, Craig Morley, Will Ward, Danny Wareing and driver Lindsey Barrass) completed the challenge on Wednesday 19th September within the 24 hour mark (with 8 minutes to spare!)

If you are interested in supporting an event or would like to organise your own fundraising event for The Challenge Society, please email Ruth Galea ([email protected]) or contact her on 07908 946 228.

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