Friday, 27 September 2013

Baroness Royall commends National Citizen Service

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A group of young people recently had the opportunity to visit the House of Lords to share their National Citizen Service experience with Shadow Leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Royall. The event was organised as a way for the young people to feed into the Labour Party’s policy review on young people and civic engagement, being headed up by Baroness Royall.

Baroness Royall discussed various topics with the group, including the link between volunteering and skills development and how programmes like National Citizen Service foster a greater sense of civic responsibility amongst young people.

Speaking about the visit, Baroness Royall said, “I hugely enjoyed meeting this inspiring group of young people who had clearly gained a great deal from their experiences over the past few weeks. I look forward to working with National Citizen Service over the coming months and years to explore ways to promote their good work and increase opportunities for young people to not only mix with people from all backgrounds but also get more involved in their local communities. Civic engagement is so important to building a stronger society and I am passionate about improving the opportunities available to enjoy this invaluable life experience.”

Sixteen year old Abdinasir Ahmed added, “Meeting Baroness Royall was a fantastic opportunity to express how we all feel about National Citizen Service. The programme has made me much more understanding and empathetic to people of different backgrounds. It has also built my confidence and leadership skills, and has inspired me to engage with my local community in a more active way. I would recommend the programme to anyone.”


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