Friday, 07 March 2014

Sky sets up new mentoring scheme for NCS graduates

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A number of Sky employees have been involved in a mentoring scheme for NCS graduates from Hillingdon and Hounslow.  Sky first supported NCS in 2012, when they welcomed a team of participants into their office and sat on a number of ‘Dragon’s Den’ panels, judging ideas for community campaigns.

The new scheme has been set up by Tom Peters, Head of Strategy & Operations at Sky.  Inspired by his first mentoring experience with 2012 NCS graduate, Khobaib Abuelmeaza, Tom has worked with colleagues to extend the opportunity to more NCS graduates.

Tom commented, “Initiatives like this are a fantastic way to help young people learn about the skills needed to succeed in further education or the workplace. From a personal perspective, spending time with NCS graduates has developed my understanding of the challenges they face and how businesses like Sky can engage with young talent.” 

Khobaib stated, “Being mentored by Tom really improved my confidence. Tom worked with me on my CV, helping me to highlight the skills and experience I had already gained. This helped me to realise what I was capable of and encouraged me to try new things.”

Khobaib was recently shortlisted for the IGGY Litro Prize for his short story, ‘The God of the Defeated’, and has been offered a place to read Law at Cambridge University.

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