Friday, 21 November 2014

Giving young Londoners a HeadStart

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Over 450 NCS graduates have completed more than 8,500 hours of volunteering in their local communities through one of our new programmes, HeadStart.

Launched last year, HeadStart gets young people to be active in their community, doing something they enjoy, whilst giving them the skills and experience to succeed in the work place. Young people are guaranteed an interview for part time or seasonal work with Starbucks or New Look following completion of at least 16 hours of volunteering. This has proved to be an effective way for businesses to recruit new talent, as demonstrated by Lisa Robbins, Starbucks HR Director for the UK and Ireland:

“We found HeadStart candidates really stand out – we offered 4 in 5 candidates barista jobs compared to the usual 1 in 5 we interview.”

HeadStart has recently expanded to West London, with over 170 young people already completing over 1,000 hours of volunteering.

We look forward to providing further updates in future newsletters.

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