Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Graduates take a stand against youth unemployment

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On Saturday 21st April, over 100 Challenge graduates were part of a conference entitled ‘Enfuse London’ which took place at London South Bank University. 140 young people aged 14-19 joined forces with business professionals and leaders in other fields in a bid to take practical steps towards helping to reduce youth unemployment. The conference was organised by Enfuse Youth in collaboration with The Challenge Network.

The event encouraged a mix of people to come together and find practical solutions to the issue of youth unemployment. Attendees took part in interactive skills and career based workshops, which ranged from event management to becoming a stockbroker. Workshop hosts included Nokia, Lyrix Organix, the SFM Foundation and Speakers Trust. The day also featured a ‘Big Debate’. Members of the panel included Seema Malhotra MP, independent Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita, Sophie Livingstone (CEO of City Year), Shaun Bailey (Youth Culture Advisor), Charlotte Hill (CEO of UK Youth), Stacey Adams (CEO of Raleigh) and Jamal Edwards (founder of SB.TV).

The day ended with all attendees pledging to take practical steps towards helping to reduce youth unemployment.

Rachel McKenzie, Challenge Society South London Youth Board representative said, “It was comforting to see so many young people genuinely passionate about their future careers. It was inspiring to meet people who have been successful in their careers and I believe the conference positively impacted all who attended.”

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