Monday, 02 January 2012

Challenge GRADUATES SPEAK OUT AT Model United Nations event

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On Thursday 15th December, 12 Challenge graduates were given the opportunity to speak out at a Model United Nations debate.

The event was held at The English Speaking Union and was organised in collaboration with Bain & Company. Graduates empathetically represented the interests of different countries as they passionately discussed issues surrounding child labour and refugees. The debate was followed by an informative careers session, chaired by a panel of professionals from Bain & Company. Careers discussed included international affairs, diplomacy and management consultancy.

James Allgrove, Consultant at Bain & Company said “I was really impressed by the young people. They were very smart and switched on, made an effort to ask insightful questions and seemed to really make the most of the day. I was perhaps most impressed by the time and effort they had spent on preparing for the debates. It was very rewarding to see the participants learn and grow in confidence throughout the day. Overall it was a really fun day and I definitely felt that I was useful and making a difference.”

Andrew Achaeampong (2011 graduate) took part in the event. He stated, “It was really interesting to hear the views put forward by people representing other countries. It helped me to realise the daily decisions they have to make concerning such sensitive issues. I also improved my empathy and negotiation skills.”

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