Monday, 02 January 2012

Case Study: written by Abigail Sesay (2011 graduate)

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The Challenge was an experience I will never forget! It changed my perspective and now I am determined to disprove negative stereotypes of teenagers. Doing The Challenge opened up new pathways of skills and experiences. Not only did I personally benefit, I also contributed towards reforming my local community; something only a few young people can say.

Doing The Challenge has made me play a more active role in my local area. I recently took part in a community arts project in Kingston, contributing to the restoration of a mosaic to commemorate the work of local resident, Eadweard Muybridge. The workshop was organised as a social action day by The Challenge Society. I chose to take part due to the sheer joy and accomplishment I would feel from being part of something that benefits the wider community. I am also currently studying art and I thought the experience would help me to gain new technical skills.

Young people have amazing potential to create a more positive future. I believe getting involved in community work is very important as it helps this generation bring about the change many of us want to see, but don’t often know how to go about achieving.

I am delighted to have taken part in The Challenge and will continue to use my experience to impact my community for the better.

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