Monday, 17 June 2013 08:11

We need to talk about integration

I used to work with a colleague who whenever he was given a new task asked himself two questions
– Is it urgent?
– Is it important?

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On May 25, a team of young people completed the Yorkshire Dales Three Peak Challenge. The team was comprised of 7 young people and 3 staff members from Manchester Deaf Centre (MDC) and 9 National Citizen Service (NCS) graduates. The group covered 17 miles of ascension in 12 hours, raising hundreds of pounds for MDC. 

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013 09:48

Monkeys, Frenchmen, Muslims and the EDL

During the Napoleonic Wars there was great fear in Britain of a French invasion.  People living near the coast were encouraged to keep on their guard for French ships and be wary of possible French spies in their midst.

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I have been following a community art project online for a while now. It’s called ‘PostSecret’ you may have heard of it. The idea is people are invited to make homemade postcards illustrating their secrets and mail them in anonymously. Every week the website is updated with a series of secrets.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 08:42

Struggling to go to the gym?

You know what it’s like. You promised you’d go to the gym tonight but it’s been a long day, that new series is on the telly and besides you could always go tomorrow. Although that is what you said yesterday …

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Fifteen young people have recently completed a 12 week programme called, ‘The Social Apprentice’ aimed at tackling major issues faced by young people in the capital.  Two teams received support from Ernst & Young to design successful campaigns that go from the boardroom into their local communities.

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