London Mix Map

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How mixed is your neighbourhood?

Our capital is known for being a diverse place. Yet London is reported to be one of the most segregated places in the UK. Building a more socially mixed capital is essential to creating a stronger, safer London.

We’re working with new Mayor Sadiq Khan to make this a reality – and we need your help. We’re calling on him to:

  • Appoint a social integration champion at City Hall
  • Build neighbourhoods that bring together people from different background
  • Support Londoners to build connections with their neighbours.
The map below shows how mixed London’s local neighbourhoods are – and where there are opportunities for Londoners from different backgrounds to come together.
If there’s a great event or activity that brings people in your neighbourhood together – share it with the rest of London!


The Map

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Neighbourhoods rated 5 (deep red) are the most mixed. Neighbourhoods rated 0 (black) are the least mixed. 

The results displayed on the map come from the latest Census poll. We measured over 1000 postcodes in London. We looked at ethnicity, age, language, education level, and home ownership. The score for each area shows how mixed it is compared to the London average.