Now the immediate anger about the Philpott case has died down, its time to reflect.

Think back. What reaction did you have to the case? Most of us had one of two. Which group were you in?

Answer: It’s worth prioritising.

Answer: Yes, in fact it often makes money.

Just look at the National Citizen Service.  Every summer, National Citizen Service brings together local teenagers from all ethnic and income groups come together, build lasting friendships and make their mark in their community.

Answer: It’s not about money, it’s about determination.

Monday, 08 April 2013

Compost: free to a good home

Last weekend in the cold I visited a local market.  The lady running one of the stalls had been standing in the cold for hours.  Despite this she gave us a warm smile and shared her vision: A community owned car that could be used in a pay-as-you-go way. A car that will bring people together.

The weekend before I posted on Twitter: “Compost: free to a good home”. I hoped that somewould would make good use of it.  Who knows maybe it’ll lead to a new friendship.

Friday, 05 April 2013

What happens when you look up?

I like looking down.  I like iPhones and laptops, Kindles and newspapers, typing texts, writing emails, downloading and uploading. But how often do we forget to look up and outward?

Working at The Challenge Network, I am constantly surprised how easy it can be to be a connector in any community when you start taking part, when you ask people questions and when you are willing to talk.

Answer 1: Yes, it’s like investing in infrastructure.

If there’s one thing everyone agrees we should spend more on it’s infrastructure. Bridges, roads, and trainlines make it quicker to meet people we do business with. So we need them even more when the economy is struggling.

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

Is the web really connecting us?

Who is ‘your community’? The people you live near? The people you pray with? The people with the same colour skin as you? Or something else entirely?

Over Easter I visited old friends. Like me, they are from Ireland but don’t feel part of the Expat Irish community, they live in Hackney but never talk to their neighbours and none of us have seen the inside of a place of worship since our Confirmation.

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