We want to recognise your hard work and acheivements this Summer, so we are inviting you, along with the rest of your team to your own NCS Celebration Ceremony!

Look back over your NCS journey and collect your certificate signed by the Prime Minister. Your ceremony will last between 1 and 3 hours.

Smart-Casual clothes
You are allowed to invite one other guest to cheer you on!
We’ll email you the details on the time, date and place!
No need to RSVP – we hope to see you on the day. Spaces are limited!

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Remember: If you’ve missed part of the programme you would have been sent an email to request you make up the hours needed to complete NCS.

Simply log on to and upload a record of your hours so we know that you’ve completed the programme.

Only those who are eligible to graduate will receive their certificate!

17 Aug 2016 @sykestynine69

Let the graduation commence! @NCSTheChallenge @NCS can’t Believe it’s over?❤️❤️

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Don’t worry if you can’t meet us in December – we’ll see you again soon! Check out our newsletter for the latest opportunities in your area.


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Sign up opens after graduation

9th December
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