Feel Unstoppable

In Phase 2 of NCS, ​you ​get to experience independent living!

Learn how to manage a budget and cook your own meals as a team.

During the day, take part in skills building workshops on public speaking, storytelling and enterprise.

Your Team Challenge prepares you for Phase 3; delivering a project against a Real Challenge! ​Working with a local partner, you have the opportunity to apply your new skills in the real world before showcasing your progress at an event for family and friends.



Get a taste of what to expect

Packing List

1 compact bag of luggage, preferably softshell

Clothing Essentials

Outwear Essentials



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You’ll have a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of life away from home and gain experiences that you can write about in your personal statement. Project management is a great addition to your CV too!


Get involved at Showcase. An opportunity to flaunt your new skills and progress in your NCS journey to your friends and family. Check your timetable and make sure to invite them along on the day!


Unstoppable Story

Part 2

Everyone got to see me as my unfiltered self, which helped create lasting friendships that I still have now. They have genuinely allowed me to change into the person that I am today, and I do not regret any part of the experience.

Her story continues in Phase 3 ↓