Feel Unstoppable

Work with the same community partner and design a Social Action Project to benefit the local area!

If you haven’t already, you’ll pitch your ideas to a panel of advisors whose expertise will help turn them into reality.

In your team you’ll complete a sponsored activity in your community to help fundraise for your social action project and bring your projects to life!

4 Design
4 Social action
4 Social action

Non Residential


Get a taste of what to expect

NCS in

Hey  , how much money do you think NCS-ers raised last year?


How many hours do you think they put in to help their local community?


volunteer hours

Want to guess how many charities and organisations we worked with?


social action partners


Bring with you

1 Oyster Card Icon

Travel cards including Oyster cardif applicable

2 Packed Lunch Icon

Packed lunch for each day

3 Medicine Icon

Prescribed medication if needed


You have the chance to become part of the largest network of grads for your age group, with exclusive access to opportunities in your area. Did you know NCS graduates deliver a national social action day in March every year contributing thousands of extra volunteering hours to projects they design?


Unstoppable Story

Part 3

Had I not met some of the friends that I did during summer, I also never would have made the decision to move to my current sixth form. My new friends were able to give me a realistic view of the school and whether I would fit in, and the move is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

See how it ends in Phase 4 ↓