It’s Valentine’s Day this week, so you may well be thinking about that special someone… But how about sharing the love with your whole community this year?

And as if Wednesday’s love-in wasn’t enough, it’s also Random Acts of Kindness Day this Saturday.

To join in with these events, we’ve got six easy ways you can show love in your community this February...

1 Set up your own street library

Curbside book exchanges have become a movement in themselves! Join the feel-good craze by building your own or donating a good read to your local library.

2 Share your skills

You have a lot to offer! Are you an athlete, musician or even a magician? Find a community hub such as a youth club or care home and offer to teach them your talent!

3 A seed for thought

Give your neighbourhood a makeover by creating a wildflower meadow in a neglected spot. It’s a rewarding activity in itself, it’s good for insects and you’ll see results in time for Spring.

4 Share the love

Why not use your social media to give a shout out to a local charity, even help promote a local event. They’ll get publicity and you’ll feel great for helping out.

5 Show you care

Why not collect together a mini care kit for people who need it most? Items such as toothbrushes, combs or even shampoo can be donated to your local refuge or homeless shelter. 

6 Help others connect

Even when life is busy and chaotic all around you, it’s very easy to feel isolated and lonely. Sometimes the smallest gestures matter the most. Start a conversation with someone new, help an elderly neighbour to send an email, find a way to show you care this Valentine’s.

Your actions can have a big impact so what are you waiting for? Get out there and get involved!

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