Interview with our HeadStart Programme Associate Manager...

On a typical working day... On a typical working day- I am liaising with corporate and charity partners of HeadStart Action. Analysing the impact of cohort one for the pilot programme, sending emails and doing set up calls for the core HeadStart programme, creating the new evaluation framework and impact report for HeadStart Action. I also liaise with our school contacts and create new workshop material for Summer delivery.

The thing I find most challenging about my job is…The programme's ever-changing nature, which calls for me to find the balance between my strategic vs creative self.

My favourite thing about my job is... the opportunity to empower young people to identify their true potential and see that they have choices. To show them how they can impact lives, enrich their communities as well as aiding them in seeing their self-worth and abilities.

When I'm not working... 
I am whipping something up in the kitchen, creative writing or playing netball. 

What's your best joke, riddle or quote? 'We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty' - Maya Angelou

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