The Challenge has broadly welcomed today’s speech by the Prime Minister which acknowledged that a lack of integration can result in some young Muslims feeling isolated and vulnerable to radicalisation. The full text of the Prime Minister’s speech can be read here.


A study conducted by the Social Integration Commission last year found that, in fact, white working class Britons are the least integrated group in the UK. We therefore welcome the Prime Minister’s refusal to single out British Muslims as the cause of our segregated society.

Having rightly recognised the scale of the problem, the Prime Minister has launched a review into integration to be lead by Troubled Families Tsar, Louise Casey, with a report to be released early next year. The findings of this report will feed into a Cohesive Communities programme, to be launched in 2016.

While there is no way of knowing what the policy outcome of the review will be, Cameron hinted towards changes in education and housing policy, including shared school campuses. Our recommendations for changes in these areas were captured in the Social Integration Commission’s final report.

Pointing towards positive action that is already being taken, the Prime Minister announced his continued support for the National Citizen Service and the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds that it is providing to young people from all sections of society.