This week, the 21st– 25th of November has been#iwill week. #iwill is a UK-wide movement that aims to make involvement in social action (e.g. fundraising, volunteering and campaigning) a normal part of life for 10-20 year-olds by the year 2020. Currently 4 in 10 young people take part in meaningful social action – the #iwill goal is to raise this to 6 in 10 by 2020. #iwill aims to enable ALL young people to have access to social action opportunities, wherever they live and whatever their background.

 NCS social action blogTo commemorate #iwill week, we asked our NCS graduates to share their stories of social action. Read on for a truly inspiring blog from Jessica Gunn, who talks passionately about her personal experience of taking part in a social action campaign:

“With the social action journey, NCS has shone light upon social work within the community. It also allowed me to see another side to society and made me feel like I could actually make a difference. 

NCS has changed my attitude to other people from different backgrounds because I was able to learn that they do things in different ways. I also learned that having different backgrounds within a group brings more ideas to the group as they have experienced different cultures.

I think that the social action campaigns can help bring different people together because it allows people with different views to come together and see the lives of the other people accountable in the social action project. In my case, we visited Savvy Theatre where they have a group working with people with learning difficulties making drama pieces. It was an eye opening experience which showed me that people with learning difficulties never let their difficulties stop them from doing what they want to do, which for them was drama. If they don’t let their difficulties stop them, then why should we. 

Furthermore I think that the social action campaigns are helping NCS to develop a more socially integrated society because it allows young people to gain knowledge about the elderly people in the society and the elderly to gain knowledge about the younger people within the society. With this they are able to come together and make society overall a better place. 

I really enjoyed that instead of just discussing plans like we normally do in school we were able to go out there and put our plans in action. I feel as if my voice wasn’t really heard before but now I’m able to speak out on things that I feel are important to society and important to me.

To me this is an experience that I’ll hold dear to my heart because I was able to overcome challenges. So I challenge you to go out there and do something out of your comfort zone. Do something extravagant to help society.”

If you are interested in taking part in NCS, take a look here for more information on the programme. To find out more about #iwill week, take a look at their website.