Segregation is holding our children back

On Monday, an article written by Jon Yates appeared in Schools Week, entitled: “Segregation is holding our children back”. Jon takes issue with the New Schools Network’s recent suggestions that Faith Schools should be allowed to select 100% of their pupils by faith. (Previous reforms introduced by Michael Gove limited… Read More

Polling for The Challenge published by The Observer

A poll commissioned by The Challenge showing public support for school children mixing with pupils from different backgrounds to their own was featured in a leader article in The Observer on Sunday December 6th. Reporting on findings by the ‘Commission on… Read More

New poll shows support for social integration in schools

A new YouGov poll shows 64% support school pupils mixing with children from different ethnic and faith backgrounds. The poll – conducted after the Paris terrorist attacks – reveals public support for the promotion of social integration for school pupils, with 64% of UK adults agreeing that ‘every school… Read More

Tackling social integration starts in our schools

‘See that man over there? Yes. Well, I hate him. But you don’t know him. That’s why I hate him’. And with that parable, we arrive at the nub of the mystery that lies behind the horror of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. “Pourquoi?” Why? The question on… Read More

Tolerance Isn’t Enough: We Need Integration

4.4 million people. That’s roughly the same population size as the Republic of Ireland or Croatia. Half of London. Or, put another way, four more Birminghams. That is the increase in the UK’s population over the next decade, according to the Office for National Statistics. And it… Read More

Minister for Civil Society visits NCS

Today we welcomed the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP, to the National Citizen Service being delivered by The Challenge in Reading. As Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson is the sponsor minister for the NCS in government. The Minister showed his support by visiting a ‘Showcase event’,… Read More

Prime Minister sets out plan to tackle segregation

The Challenge has broadly welcomed today’s speech by the Prime Minister which acknowledged that a lack of integration can result in some young Muslims feeling isolated and vulnerable to radicalisation. The full text of the Prime Minister’s speech can be read here. A study conducted by the Social Integration… Read More

Prime Minister shows his support for NCS

The Challenge were delighted to host the Prime Minister today when he visited young people taking part in the National Citizen Service in Betws-y-Coed, North Wales. Alongside TV personality Bear Grylls, David Cameron spent the day with participants on an NCS programme being delivered by The Challenge to see… Read More

Social Integration Commission launches final report

In March 2015, the Social Integration Commission released its final report Kingdom United? Thirteen steps to tackle social segregation. This report builds on previous research into levels of segregation in the UK and makes a series of practical recommendations for schools, businesses, civil society organisations, government, and individuals to act… Read More