What do social integration politics and reality TV have in common?

Bridging the generational divide: what we can learn from reality TV Last week, when our public affairs and policy officer Sam Dalton (left) joined four intergenerational connection experts for a social integration event in parliament, he found himself drawing parallels between their insights and a Channel 4 reality series that… Read More

5 tips to stop procrastinating

If you find yourself becoming distracted these tips will help you get back on track before you lose your motivation Sarah Lindsay – The Challenge My name is Sarah Lindsay and I work as an assistant account manager at The Challenge. My role involves building rapport with contacts at schools… Read More

Overcoming the fear of meeting new people with NCS

With one in six young people suffering from some form of anxiety, it’s no wonder they can find meeting new people and making new friends scary. We spoke to Denisa, who took part in NCS this summer, to found out how the programme helped her to overcome her fears. Read More

Meet our employees: five minutes with sales manager James

The Challenge values its employees and the teams dedicated to helping us achieve our vision of creating a more integrated society. We regularly grab five minutes of their time to highlight different roles and give you an insight into what it’s like to work for us. James Chave, sales manager… Read More

What is it like to work as an NCS mentor?

Back in 2015, Aarthi Thangavel was 16 years of age. She was keen to broaden her view of the world, experience adventure and have fun with her peers, so having heard about NCS she filled out an application to go on the NCS programme. That summer the programme helped… Read More

The impact of helping vulnerable young people onto NCS

Our Inclusion team is dedicated to supporting all young people to take part in our programmes by helping to remove any barriers they may face. Here, Naomi Divall, one of our outreach sales associates in London, shares how she assisted a vulnerable young person in Croydon to sign-up and make… Read More