New research confirms the positive impacts of social action

The #iwill campaign has released research today which confirms that social action and volunteering is having a positive impact on the lives of young people across the UK.  The yearly survey found that 42% of young people reported taking part in meaningful social action in 2016 and those involved… Read More

Show your community some love this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, so you may well be thinking about that special someone… But how about sharing the love with your whole community this year? And as if Wednesday’s love-in wasn’t enough, it’s also Random Acts of Kindness Day this Saturday. To join in with these events, we’ve… Read More

“It felt as if I was unlocking a new skill each time I volunteered”

From volunteering in a local club to a basketball scholarship in the US, Precious explains how volunteering has helped her stay focused on her goals. Precious volunteered with our partner Disability Sports Coach during her time on The Challenge’s HeadStart programme. Disability Sports Coach provides award-winning sport and… Read More

The fear of the unknown – revisiting Blackburn

Hannah Millinship-Hayes, campaigns manager at The Challenge, talks about Panorama’s documentary on divisions in Blackburn’s community which aired on Monday night – and calls on people to sign up to our Equal Not Divided campaign. Did you watch Panorama on Monday night? The BBC documentary revisited Blackburn ten years after the… Read More

Helping Jo’s legacy live on

A big part of my role at The Challenge involves communicating what we do and why to policy and decision makers. My team works to ensure that politicians and officials understand our organisational mission and vision and recognise the unique value of our work towards building a more integrated and… Read More

Looking for a new challenge in 2018? Apply to work on NCS!

To celebrate the start of what we’re sure will be another great year, we’ve now officially opened our applications to work on NCS in 2018. We’re looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to lead, motivate and inspire young people on NCS with The Challenge this summer. There are thousands… Read More

Have you had your #MincePieMoment?

Join the Great Christmas Get Together and help us put an end to loneliness for all. Over the last fifty years, the UK has become much more varied by age, ethnicity and income. But despite our growing diversity, many of us spend little time with people from different walks of… Read More

Generation Z: Digitally connected, socially isolated?

Our young people face unique challenges growing up in an increasingly digital world. We must do more to create initiatives which draw them into community life. In an ageing society, in which loneliness amongst older people is arguably at epidemic levels,1 it is clear that a considerable amount of work to… Read More