Closing the generation gap

What do you picture when you think of social integration?  Like many of us, for me it’s people from different ethnicities mixing together. I feel very at home with people of different races, having lived and worked in Asia and Africa, and with a diverse friendship group including a Welsh-Cambodian… Read More

Why social integration matters to me

Grace Annan-Callcott the Digital Brand Manager at The Challenge details her personal story about the benefits of social integration. Why social integration matters to me Growing up, I didn’t know anybody who looked like me. We lived in Bristol, which is a fairly diverse city, but it’s also very… Read More

MPs release their final report into immigration and integration

A new report from The All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration chaired by Chuka Umunna MP argues that the toxic immigration debate is hindering integration and calls for urgent action to build a more cohesive society. Today’s report concludes the cross-party group’s inquiry into the integration… Read More

The Challenge bowled over by top cricketers’ support

Some of the most famous names in English cricket will join up with leading tech firms to fundraise for The Challenge this week. Clare Taylor, the only English woman to have played both football and cricket in a World Cup team, and fellow stars of the game Simon Jones and Monty… Read More

Time’s running out to hire an apprentice with Step Forward this year

Step Forward is the award-winning apprenticeship programme delivered by The Challenge. We’re looking for our final few employers before recruitment closes, so get in touch now to ensure you don’t miss out. We are particularly looking for organisations that can provide entry-level roles in: accounting, digital marketing and IT/software development. Read More

Share a cuppa with your neighbour

In many parts of the country, it’s no longer the norm to chat to your neighbour over the garden fence or nip over to borrow some milk. That’s why The Challenge has teamed up with Nextdoor, the social network, and Neighbourhood Watch, to launch the #shareacuppacampaign… Read More

Theresa May shows support for NCS

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited one of our National Citizen Service programmes last Sunday 23rd of July in her constituency of Maidenhead. Oliver Lee, The Challenge’s Chief Executive, introduced the Prime Minister to young people on NCS, who were taking part in a social action day fundraising for Maidenhead Cycle… Read More

How to inspire the next generation of women in tech

According to the latest statistics just 26% of tech jobs were held by women. There are multiple theories circling about why this might be. From gender stereotyping at school discouraging women from entering the sector in the first place, to a hostile working environment once they’re in… Read More

A heartfelt tribute to Jo Cox MP

On a sunny Friday afternoon in East Birmingham, hundreds of pupils from two diverse schools linked arms to form a heart shaped human chain as a camera drone circled and buzzed overhead.  It was a symbolic gesture of togetherness and hope to kick off The Great Get Together weekend in… Read More