What does social integration look like

Infographic: What does social integration look like?

At The Challenge, our vision is to create a more integrated society. While we see first-hand the benefits of taking part in our programmes, we wanted to definitively measure how our 2017 National Citizen Service programme met this vision and its impact on society.

We have been working in partnership with Oxford University’s ‘Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict’, to gauge the impact of the programme on the young people, aged 15-17.

Specifically, we wanted to understand how our programme affects the young people’s ability to:

  • understand and empathise
  • respect and accept
  • connect
  • work with people who are ‘different to them’

We also asked about their attitudes toward volunteering, making a difference in their community, confidence and many other factors important to our vision.

As the infographic shows, the results have been fantastic, supporting The Challenge’s position as the UK’s leading charity for promoting social integration.

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You can download the full infographic here.