Share a cuppa with your neighbour

In many parts of the country, it’s no longer the norm to chat to your neighbour over the garden fence or nip over to borrow some milk.

That’s why The Challenge has teamed up with Nextdoor, the social network, and Neighbourhood Watch, to launch the #shareacuppacampaign to rebuild our communities and neighbourhoods. Throughout the month of August, we’re asking people to take the Nextdoor Neighbour Pledge and share a cup of tea with a neighbour.

A new report published today by Nextdoor reveals that 60 per cent of people in the UK do not trust their neighbours, and less than a third feel safe when walking in their neighbourhood. Only a handful of people said they’d benefited from neighbourly acts, such as exchanging or borrowing items from each other.

Older neighbours are increasingly isolated and lonely, the research found. People from different backgrounds are not mixing with each other, leading to growing mistrust and prejudice.

Research by The Challenge shows that meaningful contact between groups of people from different backgrounds improves trust and breaks down prejudice. Our National Citizen Service programme is one example of how to connect young people from different walk of life..

The tragic Grenfell Tower fire and the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London have shown us so clearly the need for and importance of a strong sense of community.

Now we must continue to strengthen these bonds and work together to create cohesive communities and to celebrate all that we hold in common.

So please do sign up to our Nextdoor Neighbour pledge and share a cup of tea with your neighbour. Together we can strengthen the ties that bind us.