We take the safety of our participants very seriously.  We work with highly experienced partners, employ fully trained staff and comply with all relevant legislation.  We also require participants to follow a simple code of conduct.

Our commitment









Highly experienced partners

The Challenge is delivered with the support of a group of organisations which together have over 150 years of experience in working with young people.  This includes the Outward Bound Trust, the Youth Hostelling Association, the Prince’s Trust, Skill Force and Envision.  The Challenge operates with the support of local councils and schools.


Fully trained staff

During all activities, participants are accompanied.  Staffing ratios exceed recommended levels at all times, including the government’s ‘Education Outside the Classroom’ guidelines. All staff are fully trained in all activities that they deliver and are CRB checked.

Comply with all relevant legislation

We comply fully with all relevant legislation and, where appropriate, all of our outdoor activity centres are licensed under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996.  We produce detailed risk assessments for all activities.  All staff are trained to identify, recognise and mitigate any risks that arise during the programme.

Participants’ responsibilities

Participants are responsible for following our simple code of conduct during The Challenge.  If participants seriously or persistently broke this code of conduct, then we would have to ask them to leave The Challenge.  In this eventuality, the young person would have to return home.

Participant Code of Conduct

1. Follow safety rules and the law
2. Only leave the site with a Mentor
3. No going in other people’s rooms or flats
4. Be in your room after 10.45pm
5. No alcohol, illegal drugs or penknives
6. Respect and include other people
7. Challenge yourself  (in other words, take part)



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