What is The Challenge?

Life is full of challenges….

The Challenge prepares young people to meet them.

The Challenge is an exciting opportunity for 15-17 year olds in the summer after year 11. The programme lasts 2 1/2 weeks full-time in the summer, followed by a commitment over 4 days during autumn weekends.

Working with carefully selected, vetted and trained mentors, your child will gain confidence as well as social, organisational and communications skills valued by employers and admissions tutors. Along the way, they’ll strengthen some friendships, create new ones and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Find out more about the Personal Challenge, the Team Challenge, and the Real Challenge and beyond.

After completing the summer programme, your child will graduate in the autumn, in a ceremony held in a prestigious venue. After graduation, we offer an alumni programme to provide your child with career and development opportunities.

The Challenge is run by The Challenge Network, a registered charity. Read more about us.

How much does it cost?

The price of The Challenge is only £50 or less.  The rest of the £1500 that it costs us to run the programme is paid for by our generous funders and includes government support which we receive as a provider of NCS.

How can I be sure that my child will be safe?

Your child’s safety is our highest priority. Find more about our safety policy.

How do we sign up?

Just click here to sign up your child.

If you are a teacher who is interested in offering The Challenge to your students please get in touch and we will let you know if the programme is in your area, and about opportunities to get involved.

You can also

call us: 020 7921 4203

text us: 07503 849738

email us

“I had an amazing time, I never thought I’d do any of the things I have done.”

2010 Challenge participant, Birmingham 

“The group started as twelve individuals from different backgrounds and schools, however they quickly developed into a supportive team. Over the weeks I was hugely impressed by their spirit and the real progress that I saw in terms of their confidence, their awareness and their commitment.”

Team Leader,2009

“You learn things that school doesn’t really teach you.”

2009 Challenge participant, London 

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