Week 2: The Team Challenge

In the second challenge your child takes on a challenge based around a personal interest, gaining vital management skills as they make their project happen. Options include:

Sport: learning how to be a sports coach and run coaching sessions

Photography: using creative and practical talents to create something visual that will amaze everyone.

Media: learning the skills and discipline needed to make a film

Drama: writing, preparing and performing a show using their talents and ideas

Enterprise:  learning the skills needed to run a business. Your child will come up with an idea, market research it, make it and sell it!

You can come to see the end results at The Showcase, where participants show what their teamwork and leadership have accomplished.

In this second week, your child will live at a university, in halls of residence around 45 minutes from your home.

“The Challenge gets participants introduced to life beyond study, into the world of work.”

Parent of 2009 Challenge participant, London

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