Why do The Challenge?

The Challenge will help your child gain confidence and develop their abilities. Along the way, they’ll strengthen some friendships, create new ones and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

What other parents have said about The Challenge:

“Very rewarding”
“I have really noticed a change in my son”
“It gets the participants introduced to life beyond study, into the world of work”
“She definitely became more confident”
“It makes them a more rounded person and it’s such a brilliant experience”

The Challenge promotes the development of leadership skills, management skills, organisational and communication skills.

Through The Challenge, young people can gain the skills that they can’t master at school – the real world skills that employers and universities look for.

“I was impressed by how well the team pulled together and by the confidence and maturity they showed in their project delivery.”

Challenge Mentor, Global Marketing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Former England Footballer, and father of four says:

“Leadership and teamwork are two of the skills Google look for when selecting new talent. The Challenge provides a great way to practise them.”

Head of European Graduate Recruitment, Google

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