APPG on Social Integration

The Challenge provides the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration.

The APPG brings together parliamentarians from different political parties with an interest in improving social integration. Together they explore policy solutions which break down barriers to integration and create chances for people from all walks of life to build relationships. The APPG is chaired by Chuka Umunna MP, and its Vice Chairs are Naz Shah MP, Matt Warman MP and Holly Lynch MP. The APPG holds regular meetings featuring guest speakers, agrees draft policy reports, and takes evidence from individuals and organisations.

The APPG’s first inquiry into the integration of immigrants in the UK was held during 2017. The inquiry came to the conclusion that the toxic immigration debate is hindering integration and the group called for urgent action to build a more cohesive society. The APPG produced two reports during the inquiry:

In December 2017, the APPG launched a second inquiry into intergenerational connection. It will examine how different generations relate to one another in modern Britain, and how society is affected when people of different age groups don’t meet and mix. It released an essay collection to mark the launch of the inquiry:

You can get more information on the APPG by watching this short film, visiting its website, or by emailing [email protected].


Facts about the APPG:

  • It is an informal group of parliamentarians from across the political spectrum.
  • There are five different political parties represented in the group’s membership.
  • Apart from engaging with politicians and ministers, the APPG also works with community organisations, academics, and any interested individuals.
  • Most of the APPG’s meetings are open to the public.

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)