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Industry Placements and the Challenge

The Challenge’s current role, in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), is to use our Young apprentice screwing into a electric meterexperience from the pilot to support the Department for Education (DfE) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) with the Capacity and Delivery Fund by running workshops for post-16 providers from November 2018-January 2019.  

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please click on the following link to book here.

Young apprentice drawing on her computerIndustry Placements Pilot Project

The Challenge was commissioned by the Department of Education to design and pilot a new model for placements, which the government is planning to roll out nationally as a mandatory requirement for all (~250,000) technical education students starting 2020, as part of their T-levels. The aim of the industry Placement pilot, which came to an end in July 2018, was to enable 21 providers to test how these extended industry placements might work with 2000 students across the different technical education routes, and identify specific challenges and ways of overcoming them ahead of the implementation of T Levels from academic year 2020/21.

Based on the experience of the Industry Placement’s pilot scheme, The Challenge developed a set of guidance materials focusing on how to effectively implement industry placements.

These resources will be particularly useful for providers who will be delivering industry placements in academic year 18/19 with funding from the Department for Education’s Capacity and Delivery Fund.

Resources here

Further Education Providers

For all enquiries regarding industry placements, please contact the Education & Skills Funding A young apprentice doing calculusAgency using this online enquiry form, or by searching for the Industry Placements page.


DfE has contracted the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) to provide support for employers.Young apprentice screwing into a meter Please contact NAS on 08000 150600 or

Stories from the Industry Placements Pilot

“Our sphere of touch points for reaching young people has broadened through providing T Level Industry Placements. We’re under no illusion of how much effort it takes, but commercially it works for us to engage with this opportunity. It is a much neater way for us to develop a talent pool and a great way of broadening our impact. T Level Industry Placements are an essential step for us to reach a wider cohort of young people. It’s much easier for us to widen participation at 16-17. By the time we’re working at apprenticeship level we need to handpick a much smaller number of students. At the industry placement level, we can take a chance on someone who may not have had an employment opportunity before. We have struggled with diversity at the apprenticeship level. T Level Industry Placements do provide an opportunity for us to influence that and diversify our workforce.”

Adele Weaver, Learning and Development Business Partner, Bruntwood

One digital healthcare organisation took an innovative approach and set seven students (studying subjects such as business, media, technology, and design) a project to work together on a real business in which they were entitled to shares in whatever they created. The students chose together to develop a piece of software to tackle the issue of bed blocking in the NHS by allocating patients to available beds. Feedback from a student on this placement: “To me, this is not just an industry placement, I am a business owner. I was expecting to be making coffees and sweeping floors but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, I’ve been given a real responsibility and the opportunity to potentially be the chief executive officer of a company and make difference in the health and social care sector.”

Industry placement Case Study: Innovate Industry Placement.

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