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The Challenge Society inspires people to strengthen their community. Through local events we connect people from all backgrounds to individual and team challenges which build a stronger society.

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The Challenge Society is a fantastic way for graduates of NCS with The Challenge and their friends to build on the amazing experiences they had on NCS with The Challenge. As a member of The Challenge Society, you have access to a range of inspiring events and exciting opportunities which give you the chance to get involved in activities that will help you to develop key skills, make a difference and reunite with your friends.

What’s on offer?

Inspiring events

Challenge Days are open to all graduates of NCS with The Challenge and their friends. They are an opportunity for you to meet new people, reunite with your team, get involved in fun, community based social action events and to find out about other opportunities The Challenge Society has on offer!

Team Challenges

Get involved in opportunities working in teams to continue to make an impact. You can take part in a Challenge Action Team and work with other talented young people to have the amazing chance of running your own event, your way. We will provide funding and mentors to help you on your way to being a positive force in your local area, as well as gaining invaluable skills, such as project planning.

Individual Challenges

The Challenge Society has some amazing independent opportunities with external partners or within The Challenge.

Associate Mentors are Graduates who come back and help us out next summer. They work with summer staff and use their knowledge and experience of the programme to support and mentor new participants. This is a great chance for young people to continue to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

If you’re a 2012 or 2013 Graduate of NCS with The Challenge, check your emails for an email from us. It will contain your personal unique link to apply to be an associate mentor on NCS with The Challenge 2014. Any queries should be directed to [email protected]

I really enjoyed being part of the staff team and having that extra layer of responsibility…I will definitely be applying for the paid role next year.  Comfort Nwabia, Senior Associate Mentor (2011), Associate Mentor (2010), and Challenge Graduate (2009)

Why get involved?

Stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs and universities by gaining The Challenge’s exclusive Distinction award. It is a fantastic way to recognize all the amazing work you do with The Challenge Society.

The Distinction award will look great on your CV and will show employers and universities what you are capable of!


‘If it wasn’t for The Challenge’s Distinction Award I would not have been so determined to find my own placement to complete my voluntary hours… It goes by quick without noticing, so the Challenge Distinction is a must as it leads you into all different walks of life.’
Derrick Osazemwinde ,Challenge with Distinction Award 2011

The Challenge Society also gives you access to exclusive rewards and events with great partners across the country.

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