Email Signature Generator

Read instructions below before starting…

Step 1: Open these instructions in a new window
Step 2: On the left choose a Brand/Programme from the the dropdown (eg. HeadStart, NCS, Step Forward or The Challenge – for Central Teams)
Step 3: Fill in the rest of the form with your details and select your zone
Step 4: Copy (CTRL + C) the content displayed below ⇩ ↓
Step 5: Go to your Gmail settings ()
Step 6: Scroll down to Signature (and select the tickbox next to your name/email if necessary)
Step 7: If anything is in the signature box delete it (Click anywhere inside the box then press CTRL + A then DELETE)
Now paste your signature in the signature box (CTRL + V)

Step 8: Send a test email to your line manager or [email protected] to check it displays correctly

Copy the code below