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A life changing summer with NCS

Summer is all about new experiences, new friends, and new challenges. Why not make it the summer of a lifetime with NCS?

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Summer is a time for socialising, for trying new things and for getting away from school. With the NCS summer programme, it can be all of those things and more – it can also be a life changing experience.

An NCS summer is unique. Split into three parts, you’ll find everything you want from an amazing summer holiday, and never pay more than £50 for the whole thing!

In week 1, you build your team, making new friends and challenging yourself in the great outdoors. Activities like kayaking, camping, rock climbing, hiking, and archery are just some of the things you can get up to.

Week 2, sees you staying away from home, experiencing independent living with your team and planning a project to take place in your community in week 3.

In week 3, you pitch your idea to local business leaders, making connections, making money for your cause, and making a difference.

An NCS summer is flexible, affordable, life changing, and most importantly – mad amounts of fun! Find out more here!