The Challenge is made possible by the generous backing of our supporters.
Our supporters include:

The Peter Cruddas Foundation

The Peter Cruddas Foundation gives priority to programmes designed to help disadvantaged young people to pursue their education (including vocational) and more generally develop their potential whether through sport or recreation, voluntary programmes or otherwise.

The Peter Cruddas Foundation has been a cornerstone funder for The Challenge Network in the past two years.

In 2009 Peter Cruddas became the first Honorary Graduate of The Challenge.

Garfield Weston Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation is one of the largest and most respected charitable institutions in the country. The Foundation helps  a wide range of charitable activities, from small local community schemes to major national organisations.

Ray Chamberlain

Ray Chamberlain, Executive Chairman of Forward Group Plc, is a philanthropist and cornerstone supporter of The Challenge in Birmingham.

Clore Duffield Foundation

The Clore Duffield Foundation is a grant-making organisation which concentrates its support on education, the arts, museum and gallery education, cultural leadership training, health and social care and enhancing Jewish life, whilst placing a particular emphasis on supporting children, young people and society’s more vulnerable individuals. The Foundation is chaired by Dame Vivien Duffield DBE.

ARK Schools

ARK Schools is an education charity that runs a range of health, welfare and education projects throughout the UK. ARK Schools has agreed to provide financial support for The Challenge Programme in London and Birmingham in 2010, with students from four ARK Academies taking part in the programme.

V Match Fund

V’s Match Fund Grants Programme aims to increase investment in youth volunteering from private companies, charitable trusts and foundations and individuals by doubling the value of that investment.
Over the last two years v has matched investments of over £42m, creating £84 million of funding for charities and voluntary organisations who want to create exciting volunteering opportunities for young people.

The Challenger Trust

Since 1998 The Challenger Trust has been working in some of the most socio-economically deprived areas of the UK. They help young people to raise their aspirations, learn lifelong skills and improve their educational and employment opportunities.

Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority has agreed to provide financial support to the Challenge programme in London in 2010.

John Hart

John Hart was one of the first supporters of The Challenge, and continues to be a dedicated patron of the programme.

Barbara and Stanley Fink Foundation

The Barbara and Stanley Fink Foundation were among the original supporters of The Challenge Network and have provided generous support over the past two years.

Rachel and Anthony Williams

Rachel and Anthony Williams were amongst the first supporters of The Challenge programme and have provided generous support over the past two years


Future aims to support relatively small, non-national organisations which have both a replicable model and the capacity to replicate with advice, support and finance from Future and others. Future was one of the original supporters of The Challenge and co-funded the initial concept feasibility study.

Ross Warburton

Ross Warburton was one of the original supporters of The Challenge and co-funded the initial concept feasibility study.

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