The Bonita Trust provide a grant to The Challenge

The Challenge Network is delighted to have received a £35 000 grant from the Bonita Trust for development of on line presence and use of new technology.

The Bonita Trust was founded in 2004 in Gibraltar, and is dedicated to helping communities address important health and education challenges facing them by leveraging new technologies and internet based solutions. Bonita has focused the majority of its community grant-making in the United Kingdom, India, Afghanistan, Israel, and Gibraltar and has since inception, donated over £7.5 million pounds to charities helping them deliver programmes in the areas of education, health and entrepreneurship through technological development.

The £35 000 grant to The Challenge Network will enable us to utilise new technology and social media to ensure we can scale quickly and effectively, and inspire and connect thousands more young people to strengthen their local communities. The Challenge will develop and expand its use of social media to reach out to and stay connected with young people, and develop a comprehensive website with log in capabilities for applicants, their parents, summer staff and alumni. The website will enable applicants to apply, enter necessary details, view live data on availability of spaces on the the various programme options, select the date the wish to participate on, and update or change details and options if necessary. Staff will be able to view their timetable for the summer, and alumni will have access to further volunteering and personal development opportunities. The website is being designed currently and will be launched at the end of the summer, in time for graduates of The Challenge 2011 to log on and stay connected!

The Challenge is grateful to the Bonita trust for enabling us to implement these changes to our online presence.

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