The results are in!

We have now surveyed a majority of stakeholders from the 2011 Challenge programme, including parents, teachers and community partners. The responses are very encouraging and include the following results:

Socially mixed participants

  • 17% were on free school meals (population average 16%)
  • 2% were looked after children (population average 1%)
  • 8% went to a private or independent school (population average 7%)

    Broad appeal

    • 65% of participants had never volunteered or held a leadership position before

    High retention

    • 85% graduated from the entire Challenge programme

    Lasting impact on young people

    • “I am more able to trust people.” 87% agree
    • “I am better at getting on with new people.” 94% agree

    Highly rated by parents

    • 97% believe it is a good use of government tax money

    Highly rated by teachers

    • 91% said their students had benefited significantly/greatly from The Challenge
    • 96% would recommend The Challenge to other schools (100% of all head teachers)

    Significant impact on the community

    The young people designed and delivered over 1,000 social action projects with over 200 local community partners.

    • Partners scored an average 8.0/10 on a scale of 0-10 in response to the question, “How well did this visit/event help you deliver on your organisation’s mission?

    The new Challenge Society graduate programme (TCS) supports young people as they continue to make an impact in their communities. Since the official launch of TCS in October 2011:

    • 15 large scale social action days have taken place in local communities across London, the West Midlands and the North West
    • 6 Youth Boards are meeting regularly to design, plan and market Challenge Society events
    • 8 Community Action Teams are developing projects to make a difference in their community with the support of The Challenge Network and O2 Think Big funding

    We are delighted with the results and it is an important platform to build upon in 2012 as we offer The Challenge to 10,000 young people across London, the Midlands, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

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