APPG on Social Integration

The Challenge helps run the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration, a group of MPs and Lords from different political parties who want to improve social integration.

The APPG is chaired by Chuka Umunna MP, and its vice chairs are Naz Shah MP, Holly Lynch MP and Dame Caroline Spelman MP. It explores policy solutions which break down barriers to integration and create chances for people from all walks of life to build meaningful relationships with one another. The APPG engages with community organisations, academics and interested individuals, and most of its meetings are open to the public.

Intergenerational connection inquiry

The APPG’s current inquiry into intergenerational connection, launched in December 2017, is examining the extent to which there is a divide between young and old in the UK, and exploring policy solutions to build stronger connections across the age spectrum.

The inquiry was launched following the stark divides between different age groups that were highlighted during the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 General Election. However, the inquiry has so far found that generational divides extend far beyond politics, with different age groups living separately and not interacting much in their daily lives.

The APPG launched the inquiry with this essay collection and published its Healing the Generational Divide interim report in May 2019.

The report set out how stronger connections between different generations could be fostered through local community projects, public services, housing and technology, and you can read more about its recommendations here.

Integration of immigrants inquiry

The APPG’s first inquiry found that the toxic immigration debate is hindering integration and called for urgent action to build a more cohesive society. It found that anti-immigrant rhetoric and xenophobia are making it harder for immigrants to become full members of British society, and proposed a detailed set of policy recommendations to enhance integration including a regionally-led immigration system and compulsory English classes for immigrants who can’t speak the language.

The inquiry’s interim report was published in January 2017, and the final report, Integration not Demonisation, in August 2017.

appg interim report

Take a look at this short film with highlights from the APPG’s inquiry into the integration of immigrants.

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