Inclusion for LGBTQI+

Young people who are LGBTQI+

We accept and support all young people on NCS regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexuality and do not tolerate bullying or discrimination on those or any other grounds.

We will not ask a young person about their sexuality when they apply but they can talk about if they choose to or feel comfortable doing so.

On the application, we do ask if their gender identity is different to the one they were assigned at birth. If their gender identity is different from the one they were assigned, we will ask them or the parent/guardian what accommodation arrangements on NCS will allow them to feel most comfortable. We will also ask if we need to consider anything else to make sure they feel comfortable on the programme. This information will then be stored confidentially and shared only with staff directly involved in the pastoral support of the young person.

If a young person would like to speak to a member of staff confidentially, they can ask to do so over the phone on 0333 150 2425.

When they spoke to me about NCS I thought it sounded fun but scary. I haven’t been at school since Year 10 and knew that there might be people from my old school. NCS helped by offering me a space in Manchester so it was unlikely anyone I knew would be there. I gained a lot of confidence on NCS and made some great friends. If someone is nervous about coming on the programme I’d say just give it a go! You’ll have a great time!

David, a transgender young person