Young people with English as an additional language

We understand many young people speak English as an additional language fluently and not require any support. However, we are able to put support into place for young people who may need it, either for some or all parts of the programme.

We have staff that will be able to assist young people during the programme, specifically during Part 3 of NCS where the activities are generally more classroom based. Staff on the programme will be able to adapt the activities to ensure that all young people are able to participate fully, and safety instructions will be clearly demonstrated and repeated. Visual aids such as picture timetables can be provided for students to help with organisation and understanding and we also have translation grids and flash cards. Where possible, we will try to ‘buddy’ students who speak the same language, to help translate and avoid isolation.

Please be aware that if a young person is an unaccompanied minor, we will require consent from the Local Authority for them to participate in NCS. We are aware that some refugees may have significant mental health needs, such as PTSD. Additional care will be taken to monitor the young person’s mental well-being where there are concerns. For more information on supporting young people with depression and or other mental health conditions please see the relevant section.

Mayara has grown strength to strength over the course of NCS, her resilience helped her through into becoming a vital member of her team. Alongside being very resilient, her growing confidence when speaking to others during activities, specifically during the evening sessions has only benefitted her further in learning a new language. Mayara’s time on NCS has been a real challenge which she has stood up to and knocked down, all with a smile on her face.

Programme Manager