inclusion for young people with mental health conditions

Young people with mental health conditions

We are able to support a wide range of mental health needs on NCS and we encourage you to disclose as much information as possible throughout the application process. This ensures you have a say in how the young person would like to be supported throughout the programme.

Before NCS

In some circumstances, we may ask to contact healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists and counsellors working with a young person in order to get more feedback on how to best support them during NCS. This is to ensure that we can put adaptations in place to mitigate any risk to the young person themselves and others around them.

In some instances, we are able to provide additional support staff, such as 1 to 1 support workers.
On a case by case basis, we can also provide a range of programme adaptations, such as looking at the most appropriate rooming arrangements in the residential parts of NCS. This will be based on availability, please make it clear to one of our team if this would be something you would like us to consider. We will always ask permission before contacting anyone else.

During NCS

All information shared with us will be confidential and only shared with the staff members who are involved in the immediate pastoral support of the young person.

Every one of our areas of NCS delivery is supported by a Mental Health Adviser. This member of staff is responsible for advising and supporting our staff team to ensure that whenever a young person experiences poor mental health on NCS, then staff are confident in ensuring that

  • the young person remains safe
  • we support the young person’s wellbeing and engagement with NCS
  • we ensure the young person is referred or signposted on to external specialist support services if appropriate.

If a young person experiences poor mental health or feels stressed or anxious during NCS, staff will work with the young person and communicate with their parent/carer to understand the best way that we can assist with their mental health need.

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