young people with ongoing medical conditions

Young people with on-going medical conditions

Young people can take part in NCS with a range of on-going medical conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes, severe allergies or other conditions that require regular medication.

In general, we do not take responsibility for NCS participants’ medication, since the majority of participants are able to do so entirely independently and do not require additional support to do so. However, we can support specific participants when it would be detrimental to a participant’s health or attendance on the programme not to do so. This could include storing medication, providing reminders and in some circumstances helping to prepare, disburse or administer medication. This should always be discussed in advance and there would be a specially trained member of staff who would help the young person with this.

We are also able to support young people with certain types of emergency/rescue medication, including EpiPens and Glucagon.

Please tell us about any medical conditions and on-going treatments or medication the young person has during the application process and we will be in contact to agree what support is required if needed.

Assad did exceptionally well on NCS. When he started he was nervous and worried about meeting new people. With a little assurance, he really came on leaps and bounds.

Assad’s Programme Manager