inclusion for young people with physical disabilities

Young people with physical disabilities, including wheelchair users, hearing or visual impairments

All activities during NCS can be adapted to provide equal access for young people with physical disabilities.

We work with families to get a full picture of a young person and what support they need. We can provide 1 to 1 support workers, and have provided 2 to 1 support for young people with extensive personal care needs, or who need 24-hour supervision.

For more information about our application process, please see here.

As a social integration charity, all young people will be fully included in activities. For example, young people who wear hearing aids that cannot be removed will not have to take part in water-based activities. Young people with visual impairments can be provided large print written instructions. Young people who are wheelchair users will be placed in venues that are wheelchair accessible with adapted activities. In the past, young people have used wheelchair accessible canoes and wheelchair friendly rock-climbing harnesses. Any additional resources or adaptions that need to be made will be of no additional cost to the young person. Please note, we may ask a young person to participate in a neighbouring area where the venues and outdoor activity centres are more suited to their needs.

NCS is a highly dynamic and flexible programme which can be adapted and adjusted to provide equal access for all young people, including those with physical disabilities. During the programme, where necessary, we adapt activities for the whole team to ensure each and every young person can be included and is not asked to do something different or separate.

Louie’s one to one suport worker, Tracy, was amazing. A lot of my fears vanished when I met her. She was so calm and gentle and very encouraging of Louie. During NCS some of the young people had made friends with Louie and he introduced me to them – they had got to know him really well.I know that a lot of the activites were adapted to meet his physical needs (hypermobility and poor muscle strength). His new friends had also been there for him to give him encouragement and praise. Louie’s confidence has increased enormously since attending NCS. He has developed a real presence when he communicates. In the past if he believed he couldn’t do something, he would often give up but now he pushes through difficulties more easily.

Louie’s parent